Jenna Bush's wedding

Residents of Crawford, Texas, aren't exactly buzzing about Jenna Bush's private wedding at the Prairie Chapel Ranch this weekend. But I had fun spending a few days there for this video and story. If you like the video, be sure to check out this new documentary about Crawford when it comes to your town or hits cable TV later this year.


MLO said...

Very nice.

How time was spent shooting something like this and how long did it take you to edit this?


Jake Batsell said...

Mark: I spent three days in Crawford and shot way too much -- about four hours in all. I was writing a story, too, so I used the camera as my notebook and kept it rolling, even for 30-minute interviews. Once I got back, it took a day to log everything and then another day or so to edit the video. Writing the story took another couple of days. The log came in handy when I needed quotes for my story, though. I'm still trying to come up with an efficient workflow for these combo pieces where I produce both stories and video. I think I may start to pre-interview people with my notebook and tape recorder, then follow up with shorter on-camera interviews. Problem with that is, you lose the spontaneous interview moments.